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August 23, 2016

Following Up with Facebook Interactions

So you’ve had some buzz generated around your ad? Fantastic! The next step is to follow-up with the people who’ve interacted with your ad, by contacting them as potential clients for your business. You can make the most out of your online marketing efforts by developing a strategy on initiating these interactions effectively.

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STEP 1: Send a friend request.

First thing’s first. Before you message your lead, send them a friend request. Most of the time, messages that you send to someone you don’t know are sent to a hard-to-find “Message Requests” folder, and users aren’t sent a notification that you’ve reached out to them. By sending your potential client a friend request, they’re notified you’re attempting  to make contact with them.

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STEP 2: Send a message.

Following up on Facebook interactions gives us the opportunity to reach out to a potential client with the right message, at exactly the right time – when they’ve already expressed interest! On average, it takes a person around 100 milliseconds to form an initial impression of someone, so make your introduction count.

Here are the top three things to remember when crafting your message:


1. Keep it short and sweet.
        Most of us have very short attention spans, and clients often want to skip straight to the point when it comes to hiring on much needed help. Keeping your emails short and impactful will help you avoid overwhelming a potential client with content.

2. Keep it personal, relevant, and credible.
        Once you have a good opening to your email it’s okay to let me know who you are—after all, you’re a total stranger. What do you have to offer? Why are you passionate about what you do? Do you have any specializations? Don’t list off everything, rather focus on one “gold nugget” to get their attention.

3. End your emails with a Call to Action.
        Every email you send should end either one of two ways. 1) A yes or no question. 2) Suggested instructions on what to do next. (Or both, if you’re an overacheiver). Leaving an email open-ended undermines your credibility. The person receiving your email doesn’t want to ask you what the next step is, so provide them with clear instructions for moving forward.


    Use this message template as a framework for crafting your message:

    Hello, ( Name ) !

    Thank you so much for ( liking my / commenting on my / sharing my ) Facebook Ad.

    Serving ( area of service ) as a top-rated agent, it’s my passion to help people ( find their dream home / meet their real estate goals ). Are you looking to buy or sell your home?

    If you’re interested, I’d love to set up a time to chat later this week. Let me know what time is best for you, and I will make it work!


    ( Your Name )
    ( Your Brokerage)
    ( Your Phone Number )

    If you have any questions about this process, or need help drafting your message, contact our Client Services department anytime between 9 AM and 5 PM (PST), Monday – Friday at (800) 364.3480. Or email us directly at support@resultli.com.